Our Projects

  • Dolmen Harbor Front Tower, Karachi

    The Dolmen Harbor Front Tower, Karachi is a 20 story building that accommodates a number of national and multi-national companies. Dolmen Group, the leading Builder & Real Estate Tycoon, appointed Resco to provide the ELV solution for this prestigious project. Through seamless integration of BMS, CCTV, ACS, Fire Alarm etc., and by incorporating smart control strategies, Resco has taken the concept of building intelligence to a new level where the building operates efficiently, conserves energy and provides environmental friendliness. Systems include BMS, CCTV, Fire Alarm, Access Control and Time and Attendance, Speed Gates, Visitors Management System, Parking Barriers, Lighting Controls and Command and Control Centre.

  • State Bank of Pakistan (Head office), Karachi

    State Bank of Pakistan (Head office) is a 10 story building, located in Karachi, and accommodates more than 3000 employees. The scope of work was to install state-of-the art integrated Security Management System that ensures quality to meet the critical security goals, allow for remote access and easily integrate with the existing installed security system. Resco upgraded the security system through seamless integration and developed a state-of-the-art command and control room set-up. The systems deployed include CCTV, Access Control, Canteen Management System, Walk-Through Gates, Parking Management System, Full Height Turnstile, Parking Barriers, Under Vehicle Inspection System and Command and Control Centre.

  • Habib Bank Plaza, Karachi

    Habib Bank Plaza is a 40 year old building and considered to be the land mark of Karachi. This 23 story building accommodates more than 2000 employees. The scope of work was to replace the obsolete security setup with an integrated security management platform that would guarantee a highly reliable, safe and secure system – all as cost-effectively as possible. Resco provided a security management system that would collect information from security, access control and surveillance devices, ensuring protection of the people, assets and intellectual property. This was done through an open system architecture that merges supervisory functions such as alarm, events, reporting and control into a common user framework.

  • Hub Power Station

    Hub Power Station is one of the biggest power stations in Pakistan, running under the supervision of International Power Global Development with a total power generation capacity of the plant is 1365MV. The landscape of the entire power station is about 15KM. The challenge was to install an integrated, state-of-the art security management system to cover the entire area, including the buildings within the power station, and monitor the premise from a central command and control center. Since the area was spread over KMs, a conventional way of communication was not applicable at the location. Resco laid a fiber optic network to fulfill the unique requirement of this project.

  • MCB Tower, Karachi

    MCB Tower (Karachi) is the tallest tower in Pakistan. The 28 story accommodates more than 1200 employees. An integrated Security Management System was installed by Resco to meet the tower’s stringent security requirements. A cutting-edge command and control center was setup for comprehensive monitoring and control.

  • Faysal House, Karachi

    Faysal House, Karachi, is a 12 story building that accommodates Faysal Bank Ltd, the territory leading Foreign Bank, along with various other companies. The successful installation of a comprehensive security management system at MCB prompted the management of Faysal Bank to appoint Resco to provide an integrated Security Management System.